I have over ten years experience in the digital communication and event management field, I am passionate in developing my business to the point that I can show with no doubt a remarkable credibility created providing excellent service and high standards of performance. I believe in my entrepreneurial flair which has leaded me to create an advertising web agency and also to build good working relations  with  many  relevant  persons  in  the  press  and  communication  Italian scene.

My  knowledge,  both  creative  and  technological, covers:  print  design, web   design,   image   design,   content   delivery   and   aggregation,   Customer Relationship  Management  (CRM).  I  am  a  natural  communicator,  a  people oriented  person.  I  am  a  problem  solver,  a  lateral  thinker  always  positive  and with a strong “can do” attitude. I am passionate about what I do and I have a great wisdom for details.

Additionally I have experience and success in managing theatre, music and cultural events.