Prof. Pascale 90th birthday

Professor Luigi Pascale Italy’s foremost aircraft designer celebrates his 90th birthday. The Tecnam team gathered today in Capua, Italy to celebrate pilot, aircraft designer, entrepreneur and Tecnam’s leading light, Professor Luigi Pascale 90th birthday. Despite this special anniversary Professor Pascale will still be behind his desk leading Tecnam’s Research and Design team, working on the […]

Aero Club Napoli is 100. L’Aero Club di Napoli compie cento anni.

Dal volo dei fratelli Wright del 1903 erano trascorsi solo 7 anni quando un gruppo di “Benestanti, Aristocratici, Militari e Scienziati” si riunirono per iniziare a Napoli una nuova disciplina: l’aviazione. Napoli, grande capitale del regno, fu immediatamente affascinata dal volo. Numerosi erano gli eventi con ascensione di palloni aerostatici, prove di volo che attiravano […]

slipping sidewaysatterraggio laterale> the slip Types of slip vary in degree from inadvertently flying cross-controlled in the cruise i.e. one wing slightly low and compensating with opposite rudder, to a fully-fledged cross-controlled turn where the aircraft is steeply banked in a descending turn with full opposite rudder applied. All slips result in increased drag. This is a […]

Wild blue coffin corner

MODERN airliners are are not supposed to fall out of the sky. Especially if they are highly automated, fly-by-wire passenger jets such as the Airbus 330. Like the unsinkable Titanic, the Airbus 330 was considered an unstallable aeroplane. It was equipped with digital systems that unerringly corrected for pilot error as well as any buffeting […]