http://ottopress.com/2010/wordpress-3-1-advanced-taxonomy-queries/ One of the new things in 3.1 that hasn’t got a lot of discussion yet is the new Advanced Taxonomy Queries mechanism. At the moment, this is still being actively developed, but the basic structure is finalized enough to give at least a semi-coherent explanation on how to use it. Since 3.1 is now […]

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wordpress custom fields and taxonomy

http://netinial.com/blog/wordpress/get_post_meta_multiple-pagination-and-ordering WordPress get_post_meta_multiple, Pagination and Ordering. Dealing with wordpress. Because of seo power of wordpress almost every my project I’m using wordpress. According to me wordpress is single but powerful framework. Maybe you already know about Custom Field Taxonomies in wordpress. It was pretty simple Custom Field Filter plug in. I use it lots of […]

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